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January 13, 2013
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Guardian Dragon Reference by Mythka Guardian Dragon Reference by Mythka
:bulletblack: Guardian Dragon Information :bulletblack:

Guardian Dragons are not born but summoned into existence. However the spell for such magic has been lost to time. As a result all the Guardian Dragons that live today have been around on the average of 500 years or more. Guardian Dragons were created to be wardens and protectors of places or objects. Over time many of these special places or things either were forgotten or fell into obscurity. The Guardian Dragons however remained to keep an eye on their charges. As time passed, people started to look on these dragons as protective spirits, and would often erect small shrines to honor them. Not all Guardian Dragons protect places. Some follow around objects and some get bored after their charge has long turned to dust and wander around looking for something else to protect. A Guardian Dragon must protect something; it is its whole reason for being.

Size: A Guardian dragon stands between 3 to 5 feet at the shoulder and has an average length between 18 and 25 feet.

Diet:Being magical creatures they do not need to eat. But they will often feast on the offerings left at their shrines (if ones been erected for them).

Coloration and Markings: Guardian Dragons are created out of a single element and usually have colors associated with this primal matter. Such elements are, earth, water, wind, fire, light, shadow, ether etc.

Intelligence: Guardian Dragons have an above average intelligence and are always experts in ONE field of study. Because of their stubborn nature they can’t seem to focus on other fields of study till they have mastered the first. They can speak and though solitary, they enjoy the company of anyone they come across engaging them in lengthy conversation.

Behavior: A Guardian Dragon is always protecting something, be it the place they were summoned to protect or an object. If an object is destroyed they will seek out a new object or in rare events people to keep watch over. Guardian dragons are stubborn and tenacious and are not easily persuaded. They are usually non violent beings unless their charge is threatened. If they are forced to protect their charge they will attack relentlessly with powerful elemental magic.

Magic: Guardian Dragons were created from a single specific form of primal magic. They can only cast spells from the school of magic associated with their origins. They have a wide range of defensive and offensive spells that they will use when their charge is threatened. All Guardian Dragons possess the magical ability to fly, their long bodies swim through the air in a serpentine fashion. All Guardian dragons also can shrink in size, but cannot grow any larger than their true form; they also possess the ability to turn invisible at will.


Design and Species by: =Mythka
*This is a closed species, you may not make your own, but you are free to adopt one when they become available.
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JetHero13 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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