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New Species Thoughts and Suggestions

Thu Dec 18, 2014, 3:14 PM


Note me

I was toying around with these designs and I sort of fell in love with them. I really want to make them a new species and I'm working to fully flesh them out. I'm so bad at picking names for things, so maybe you guys can give me some suggestions? Also I'm going to be making a few more of these for the advent calendar, if you have a number coming up and really DO NOT want one, Please feel free to let me know. 

.Advent Day 17. by Mythka
.Advent Day 16. by Mythka

Some basic info on "New Species Name Here"
(yes they are members of the dragon family)

Size: Average size ranges between the size of a large dog when fully grown to a small horse. 

Diet: Herbivore. Completely plant based diet, consisting of fruit, nuts leaves, roots. With the occasional honeycomb.

Habitat: Prefers temperate climates. Hates extreme heat and cold. Very sensitive to changes in its environment. Typically a forest dweller.

Flight: Can float, hover or glide between trees, but does not posses true flight. Though large in size these creatures have hollow bones and are very light in weight. The wing like appendages are pseudo-wings, that probably at one time were functional as real wings for flight. Now they are just pretty decoration.  

Manes and fur: The fur on their neck head and back grows throughout the creatures life and is never cut. They fashion their manes into intricate hair styles. The manes are thick and consist of fine fur that is rumored to be as strong as iron. The pelt of one of these creatures is said to cost a kings random. The rest of the body is covered in fine, soft, short fur with elongated tufts near the elbows. (coloration - Any)

Tails: Long and very agile, prehensile tails are used primarily for balance and to wrap around tree branches for support. 

Horns: Horns sprout from the top of the creatures head and can grow in a wide array of styles. Though they generally branch out like tree limbs and are seldom smooth like common bone horns. Like a rhino, the horns are made from hardened hair. 

Claws and teeth: Claws are long but blunt, not used for defense or attach but rather to grasp onto branches and dig for roots and excavate their homes. Teeth are mostly flat, with small blunt canines used for tearing into tougher food. 

Temperament: These creatures are docile and gentle. They have kind hearts and will often come to the aide of lost travelers in their forest homes. Though versed in some magic, they have no use for violent offensive spells and deal primarily with healing, protective, conjuration and illusionary magic. 

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Amazing job on the Sylestia items, I love them and I'm working super hard to collect all of them. xD
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